HTS Anti Hair Loss Scalp Tonic (150ml)

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HTS Anti hair loss tonic Pure nano cosmetics Anti Hair Loss solution (scalp care). 100% natural extracts Anti hair loss products. More than 20 natural extracts can simultaneously manage hair and scalp. It is a hair loss prevention product that not only keeps scalp management constant but also Hair loss is controled and new hair growth enjoys instant volume.

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It is functional cosmetics that summarizes the keratin and the no feather of the scalp and manages it healthy and cleanly. Rosemary leaf oil, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed silk, mulberry bark extract, green tea extract, wormwood, yulmu seed extract, citrus root extract, celestial root extract, hyaluronic acid, extracts and other 11 natural raw extracts are used to help the sensitive scalp and keep the refreshing sensation with menthol ingredient. Advanced anti-hair loss shampoo and treatment products activate the scalp’s micro-circulation, stimulating hair metabolism and revealing a healthy scalp. Hair loss is controled and new hair growth enjoys instant volume.

How to Use:
After shaking the product thoroughly, apply the appropriated amount to the scalp every da, then massage it with your fingers and rub it thoroughly so that it can be absorbed.

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HTS Anti Hair Loss Scalp Tonic (150ml)