Neogen Calming Cicatree Pad (150ml)

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The Neogen Dermalogy Calming Cicatree Pads are exfoliating, hydrating and calming peel pads made without Alcohol, Fragrance, Parabens or Mineral Oil. Taking advantage of both plant extracts and lab made ingredients, Neogen formulated this product to be extremely effective without irritating ingredients. They use both LHA and PHA to exfoliate dead skin and clear pores.

Soft Textured Pads:

These pads are made of a soft, microfibre material that doesn’t scratch the skin.
The gentle texture allows the formula to do most of the work while collected dead skin.

Skin Healthy Formula:

Formulated without Alcohol, Fragrance or other common irritants.
Uses gentle exfoliants, hydrating ingredients and calming plant extracts.

Huge Amount Of Pads:

This tub comes with 90 pads which is enough for 3 months of daily use.
There’s 150ml of liquid which is larger than most toners and essences.

Who is this for:

These Peel Pads are suitable for a wide range of skin types as the formula is gentle, balanced and promotes healthy skin. Using these pads with Vitamin C, Retinol’s or other active ingredients might be too strong for some skin types. Alternate these products initially to build a tolerance.

All Skin Types:

Gently exfoliate away dead skin without irritating your acne or sensitive skin. These pads are ideal for regular chemical exfoliation to keep skin smooth, hydrated and healthy. Acne prone skin types will appreciate the exfoliating LHA that penetrate the pore to prevent excess oil, blackheads and acne. Drier skin type will love the PHA to maintain soft, smooth skin by lifting dead skin and refining texture. Sensitive skin is calmed and nourished with restoring ingredients that revive the natural barrier’s of the skin.

How to use:


These pads aren’t ideal as a cleanser for most skin types. However, you may feel these are enough in the morning to remove excess oil and freshen up the skin.
Gently wipe a single pad across the entire face to quickly lift dead skin. Focus pressure on areas of concern like around the nose, under the eyes and across the forehead.
You can also use these pads are a targeted treatment on a red acne spot or dry patches. Simply press the pad on the area after cleansing and remove after 5-15 mins.

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Neogen Calming Cicatree Pad (150ml)