LAFZ Halal Pomace Olive Oil Tin

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Olives or Zaitun (in Arabic) is known to be filled with nutritional and therapeutic properties. Take advantage of one of nature’s best oils with Lafz Pomace Olive Oil. Made from handpicked olives of a Spanish harvest, this oil is gentle on skin, while moisturizing and nourishing it from deep within. It has inherent Vitamins and minerals which nourish your skin even in cold climates. This Halal Certified, 100% Vegetarian oil has a Neutral pH, and can be used by everyone. It is also made for all types of skin.

Pomace Olive Oil
Pomace Olive is perfect to give intense hydration for your skin and giving it a beautiful, healthy glow. It smoothens skin and gives it a soft, even texture making it ideal for everyday use.

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LAFZ Halal Pomace Olive Oil Tin